Brahms Lullabye

Tooth Fairy


Tooth Fairy Poems (anon)

Believe in the fairies
That make dreams come true,
Believe in the wonder
The stars and the moon,

Believe in the magic
From the fairies above,
They dance on the flowers
And sing the songs of love,

And if you just believe,
And always stay true,
The fairies will be there
To watch over you!


1. Tooth Fairy Poem (anon)

In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where
dreams are made,
Let's see if you
can make a trade.

In this pocket I will lay,
the little tooth I lost today.
Please, dear fairy,
tonight as I sleep
leave me a coin.
My tooth you can keep.


2. Tooth Fairy Poem (anon)

I have a little tooth in here
Which I barely lost today
And I will not even shed a tear
If you will kindly come my way!


3. Tooth Fairy Poem (anon)

When the Tooth Fairy heard you lost a tooth,
do you know what she did?
She made a map to visit you
'cause you're a special kid!

First she got your home address
and checked her fairy map.
Then she flew to your place
where she saw your brand new "gap"

Of course, she took your worn-out tooth,
just like she's always done,
But, she's left you something nice instead
to help you have some fun!


4. Tooth Fairy Poem (anon)

A tooth fell out and left a space,
So big my tongue could touch my face
And every time I smile I show,
A space where something used to grow,
I miss my tooth as you can guess.
But then, I have to BRUSH ONE LESS!


5. Mithing Tooth (anon)

I'm having trouble thpeaking,
thinthe I lotht my middle tooth.
Jutht yethterday my tooth wath fine --
today it wiggled loothe.

At firtht I thought it thilly,
when my tooth fell out today,
But no one theems to underthtand
a thingle word I thay.

I athked my mom to clothe the door,
she said "I cannot make it.
The door does not like wearing clothes;
it's happier when naked."

I athked if I could have a mouthe,
I promithed I would feed it,
"Another mouth to feed?" she athked,
"I'm certain we don't need it!"

I wonder if you underthtand
the thircumthtanthe I'm in.
I told her I wath feeling thick.
She thaid "you're looking thin."

At latht she thaw how mad I wath,
Ath if I may thtop breathing.
She laughed and thaid she didn't mean it --
She wath only teething.


6. The Tale of The Tooth Fairy (anon)

In the misty darkness of early dawn,
The Tooth Fairy descends undetected.

In practiced, careful silence she lightly
lifts the pillow of a sleeping child.
With deft and dainty fairy hands she replaces
the useless tooth with tantalizing treats.

The sleeping child briefly stirs as the
benevolent Tooth Fairy whisks away,
tooth in hand on her appointed rounds.

At day break cries of glee and disbelief
can be heard throughout the house
as tiny, sleepy hands discover
the Tooth Fairy's handiwork.

Mom and Dad deny the deed
- They know better!


7. Vanished (anon)

She came in last night
And vanished away...
With the tooth I pulled
Out yesterday

If I could follow,
I bet I'd spy
A mountain of teeth that
Would reach the sky!


~Tooth Fairies~

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